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Christian S. Kelso practices in the areas of estate planning, wealth preservation and transfer, probate, tax and transactional corporate law. His primary focus is finding practical, cost-effective solutions for families and businesses to avoid costly, and often heartbreaking disputes in both the courtroom and the living room.  Mr. Kelso is a counselor who is dedicated to making the law work for his clients and helping them understand how best to address the legal issues they face.

Mr. Kelso’s estate planning and wealth preservation practice involves both large and small estates, but is premised on the notion that the size of a client’s estate should not be relevant to the amount of compassion and dedication each deserves.   Whether the situation merely calls for a simple Will to care for minor children or complex trusts to mitigate tax liability, Mr. Kelso works closely with his clients to craft solutions that best achieve their goals, both legal and personal.

Where probate of an estate is required, Mr. Kelso provides assistance and advice which is focused on minimizing litigation and intra-family disputes. When proper planning is in place and other circumstances allow, this process can be straight-forward and simple, particularly for clients who have the right counselor by their side to guide them through the legal formalities.  Other situations, however, can be more complicated. The death of a loved one can often set an entire family at odds as emotions and forgotten tensions well up. In situations like this, Mr. Kelso is able to draw on both his personal and professional experience to ease family tensions and deploy appropriate legal strategies so that clients can move on with their lives.

Mr. Kelso’s transactional corporate practice is focused on avoiding legal problems before they materialize. He helps businesses develop solutions that mitigate risk, both in the form of legal exposure and tax. Employing a full-time, in-house attorney can be expensive, but every business faces situations which are best addressed with the counsel of a trusted advisor.  Mr. Kelso fills this roll by acting as general counsel on an as-needed basis and assisting with all manner of issues.  These include document and lease review, overseeing corporate governance and maintenance of records, advising on employment matters, drafting contracts, assisting with regulatory compliance, sales of business assets or the business itself, and business succession planning for future generations.

Ancillary to his general counsel role, Mr. Kelso takes particular pride in assisting startups address the issues that are specific to new businesses.  Legal issues are often far from the minds of new business owners, but the initial phases of a business’ lifecycle are often determinative of its eventual success or failure.  By helping clients get their businesses set up right from the beginning, Mr. Kelso seeks to save them time and money down the road.  In particular, where clients need to raise capital, to get their businesses going, Mr. Kelso is able to assist them avoid both internal disputes among owners as well as running afoul of securities and other regulatory compliance rules which might apply.

Christian S. Kelso is a native Dallasite, having attended St. Mark’s School of Texas for twelve years before moving on to the University of Texas at Austin.  Mr. Kelso came back to Dallas for both of his law degrees, which he received at Southern Methodist University. Mr. Kelso is an active member of the community in North Texas, both legal and otherwise, and sits on charitable boards and other governing bodies.  He speaks German fluently and lives in Dallas with his wife and two children.

Farrow-Gillespie Heath Witter LLP | Dallas, TX

Practice Areas

  • Estate Planning
  • Taxation
  • Corporate Law
  • Probate

Former Experience

  • Malouf Nakos Jackson & Swinson LLP
  • Intern, Hon. Nikki DeShazo, Probate Court, Dallas County


  • LL.M. (Taxation), Southern Methodist University, 2010
  •  J.D., Southern Methodist University, 2008
  •  B.A. (Germanic Studies and Business Foundations), The University of Texas at Austin, 2001
  • St. Mark’s School of Texas (Twelve Year Club), 1997

Bar Admissions

  • Texas, 2008

Presentations and Publications

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